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Alvisio aims to be the most versatile trading assistant for traders at all levels by offering a set of powerful and dynamic bots that follow battle-tested proprietary trading strategies. We provide unique and sophisticated defense mechanisms while still maintain user-friendly bot settings, covering everything from order types to fair value calculations, entry and exit based on % or ATR, and conditional deployment.

Alvisio Bot

With this level of customization, traders can create a bot that is suited to their individual needs, providing them with a powerful tool for achieving their financial goals in the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency trading.

Alvisio currently has 5 strategies: Barcode, Grido, M2, Reversio and Momento. The bots for each strategy have their own unique settings and are designed to be used for different market types and scenarios.

All of Alvisio's bots come with a set of predefined parameters (default settings) that can be launched with just a click of a button. Traders are welcome to adjust these settings to better suit their trading style and market condition.

Getting Started


Alvisio is an algorithmic trading tool designed to automate trading via a set of powerful and dynamic bots that follow battle-tested proprietary trading strategies.

Users should be aware that all trading involves inherent risks, and past performance of the algorithmic strategies is not indicative of future results. The bot's performance can be influenced by various factors, including market conditions, liquidity, slippage, and unforeseen events. While all the strategies are developed with utmost care, Alvisio does not guarantee profitability, and users acknowledge that losses may occur. It is crucial for users to carefully review and understand the strategies' documentation, configure settings prudently, and conduct thorough testing and simulation before deploying the bot in live trading. By using Alvisio, users accept full responsibility for their trading decisions and acknowledge the uncertainties associated with financial markets.