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Bot General Settings

Alvisio currently has 4 strategies: Barcode, Grido, M2 and Reversio. The bots for each strategy have their own unique settings and are designed to be used for different market types and scenarios.

All of Alvisio's bots come with a set of predefined parameters (default settings) that can be launched with just a click of a button. Traders are welcome to adjust these settings to better suit their trading style and market condition.

Before diving into the unique features of each bot, let’s go through Alvisio's general settings:

General Settings

  • Exchange: Select one of our wide-range supported crypto exchanges
  • Market: Choose any spot-trading pair you would like to trade
  • Strategy: Pick from Grido, Barcode, M2 or Reversio
  • Trading amount: Choose either the % of your current balance or a specific amount of quote currency
  • Running interval: Choose the interval for the bot to run by
  • Reset on start:
    • On: cancel all open orders (if any) before starting trading
    • Off: sync the current open orders when start trading

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