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In-house Chart Sharing


Alvisio has its own chart sharing feature that makes it fast, intuitive, and more importantly, confidential for you to share your charts.

This feature allows you to easily share trading results without disclosing sensitive exchange and market information that could potentially affect your opportunities.

Please note that we don't encourage sharing charts from other tools unless you want to report a bug directly related to our charts.

1. Click on the bot name on your homepage to view the Bot Monitoring Screen

Chart Sharing

2. Once you're in the Bot Monitoring Screen, you can adjust the chart to your preference.

Chart Sharing

3. Click on the Share button at the top right of the chart.

Chart Sharing

4. You can choose to display the Exchange & Market and open orders or not.

Chart Sharing

5. Click Copy Image and paste it to your destination.

Chart Sharing

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