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Getting Started

Create an account and activate your server

1. Sign up for an account on Alvisio.

Sign Up

2. Verify your email

3. Once you have verified your email, Alvisio will set up your dedicated personal server and subdomain. This process usually takes 2-3 minutes.

Set Up Server

4. You will be redirected to your own subdomain once the setup is completed.

5. You can bookmark this URL for easy access or log in directly from

Add Exchanges' API key

1. Create an API Key following the exchange’s instructions with your dedicated server IP address

| Binance | Bitmart | ByBit | Gate | HitBTC | Kucoin | Lbank | Poloniex |

Important Note

  • It's highly recommended to restrict access to trusted IPs only (Binding IP Address)
  • Only enable trading, do not enable loans, transfers and withdrawals
  • Click on your profile to get your static private IP address

Tips API

2. Go to tab Exchange APIConnect

Connect API

3. Paste in your API Key and Secret created in step 1 → Click Save

Add New API

It’s completed when the status changes to Connected.

Add your first bot

1. Click Add bot (top left corner). You will see the Add new bot screen below:

Add bot

2. Select Exchange, Market and other fields following the Bot Settings guide.

All of Alvisio's bots come with a set of predefined parameters (default settings) that can be launched with just a click of a button. Traders are welcome to adjust these settings to better suit their trading style and market conditions.

3. Click Illustrate settings to see your settings on the chart


4. Click Next to confirm your settings


5. Click Save & Run to start your bot. You can also click Save & Close to put the bot in the Pending state and continue to adjust the settings later.

Monitor and manage bots

Bot Monitoring

  • Edit: Edit bot settings, fields like Exchange, Market, Trading bot won’t be editable.
  • Pause: Cancel all open bid orders, leave open ask orders on exchange and pause bot.
  • Reset: Cancel all open bid and ask orders, reset all calculations and pause bot.
  • Clone: Create a new bot with the current bot's settings.
  • Delete: Cancel all open bid orders, leave open ask orders on exchange and delete bot.

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